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YAY Today we’re announcing 9 new speakers from a WIDE range of disciplines: One astropreneur and austronaut to be, one extremist-fighting cartoonist and one Burning man pro. As always they have two things in common: They’re thought leaders and fab humans.

Let’s welcome:

Suleiman Bakhit, Cartoonist
Jordan cartoonist Suleiman Bakhit joins Anita Sarkeesian in a keynote presentation on Hate & Heroism. He will talk about how heroism can be used as an antidote to extremism.

Joanna Peña-Bickley, IBM Interactive Experience
Global Chief Creative Officer Joanna a.k.a. the queen of wearables will give us an odyssey of the current state of the field and how humans are adapting it.

Karin Nilsdotter, Spaceport Sweden
Karin is and astropreneur and the CEO of Spaceport Sweden and she’ll talk about why the sky is not the limit in a session called Up in the air – Drones and above.

Michael Pawlyn, Exploration Architecture
In a session on Biology, Michael will talk about how we can shift from sustainable to regenerative and how biomimicry can help us address some of the key challenges of our age.

Rosie von Lila, Burning Man
Rosie is a revolutionary organizer and community building expert. In the session Getting a dialogue going, she’ll share her insights on how to build a participatory community.

Joe Leech, UX Designer
In a session on choice and decision making Joe will talk from a user experience perspective on how to understand the psychology of decision making.

Katherine Cross, Sociologist and writer
In our online harassment session, Katherine will talk about what causes and enflames it and what is being done to combat this problem at its source.

Bjarke Myrthu, BLIND SPOT
Bjarke is the CEO and founder of  BLIND SPOT and in the storytelling session he’ll talk about how and why we’re changing the way we tell stories.

Joanna Lord, Porch
In the Speed and Timing session, Porch’s VP of Marketing, Joanna Lord will walk us through what is expected of the biggest and best brands today.







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